About JJ's Originals

Prior to 2015, JJ’s Originals dabbled in alterations, mending, hemming, and created custom pieces. However, JJ’s main focus is in creating costumes. We enjoy creating custom looks, as well as well-known and loved characters for the Halloween season. With the end goal of creating the costume of our customer’s dreams, materials are sourced locally and, when it fits the costume and creative vision, include upcycled old clothing and other items.

The company’s main product line came into existence mid-2015. Owner Judith’s love affair with the 18-inch doll began after a co-worker requested a doll wardrobe for her granddaughter. Since then, the company has extended its product line to include clothing and accessories for most doll sizes, bows, tutu’s, and other sewn items.

Between 2015 and 2017, word of mouth generated JJ’s Originals sole customer base. In 2017 JJ’s Originals developed its online store to offer products to customers worldwide. And, so, the journey takes another step.

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Who is this woman?

About Judith

Judith is a self-taught seamstress from Kansas City, Missouri who began sewing at age eight. She started off sewing clothes and accessories for her dolls using whatever she could get her hands on—often times (to her chagrin) her mother’s socks became the victims. Beginning at this young age, she enjoyed modest success selling her custom designs to friends.

At age 13, Judith got her first sewing machine and was hooked! She began experimenting with clothing and accessory making for herself, but her love remained with sewing for her dolls.

At age 21, Judith moved to Columbia, Missouri for school. After graduating, Judith decided to make Columbia home. She currently resides near Columbia, MO, working, sewing, and traveling to vendor shows at every possible opportunity.

In 2010, a friend asked Judith to find a dress for her daughter’s Halloween costume. Unable to locate what she set out to find, Judith made the dress. Her friend, excited that the dress exactly matched what she was looking for and impressed that Judith had hand sewn it, purchased a sewing machine for her to complete the rest of the costumes. And so, the love affair began anew.