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Subscription Services FAQ’s

Refund Policy (Custom Items)

JJ’s Originals is a small business who believes in creating customized pieces for each individual; we do not believe or engage in mass production. Due to the highly-customized nature of the items created, refunds are not allowed under most conditions. Please feel free to e-mail with any questions or concerns. Go to the Top

Images & Custom Items

JJ’s Originals reserves the right to use images and designs of items created, in any marketing, website, digital or print format. JJ’s also reserves the right to make any custom design available to future customers by placing it in the company product catalogue to inspire others. Images of individuals however, will only be used with expressed written permission.

Is there an items that you want and just don’t have the words to describe it? JJ’s encourages the use of imagination, however, pictures are also welcome. Photos can be e-mailed to us and we can design your look from there. Go to the Top


Delivery is chosen during checkout. Orders are completed in the order the are received. At this time, rush delivery is not available.

Payment Policy

JJ’s accepts all debit and credit cards as well as Paypal. For highly custom items, invoices can be sent via Paypal or Quickbooks after the design has been finalized. Payment is required before any item(s) are created.


JJ’s works to ensure the customers’ vision is accurately conveyed so it can be properly brought to life with exacting precision. JJ’s has created a Doll Size Guide and a Guide to Taking Measurements to ensure our customers find their perfect fit.

Social Media Policy

JJ’s adores seeing customers in their JJ’s Originals. Feel free to share and tag JJ’s Originals (#jjoriginals) so we can share in your joy, too! Images that include #jjoriginals will be linked to our Reviews page for all to enjoy.

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Subscription Service FAQ's


JJ’s Subscription Services for doll clothing, offers three subscription levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Bronze – The Bronze Subscription Service package is billed at $18/month. This package includes a two-piece outfit chosen from any of the outfits of the month available for that month.

Silver – The Silver Subscription Service package is billed at $27/month. This package includes a three-piece outfit chosen from any of the outfits of the month available for that month.

Gold –  The Gold Subscription Service package is billed at $36/month. This package includes an entire outfit, all accessories and shoes included, from one outfit of the month. This package can include anywhere between 4-6 pieces.
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New Outfits

New selection(s) for the outfit of the month are available by the 10th of each month. A minimum of three outfits are made available for each service level.  Subscribers can select the next month’s ensemble between the 10th and the last day of the every month. Orders are mailed by the 5th of each month.
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After the initial payment, recurring billing will take place on the 5th of each month.
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Outfit Selection

Subscribers can choose their next month’s ensemble starting on the 10th of each month through the end of the month. Please note, any extra items purchased are billed on a one-time basis. Should you want to continue to receive add on items from your chosen outfit of the month, they can be purchased separately or a different Subscription Service Package can be chosen.

Any add on items purchased separately between the 3rd and 5th of the month will be shipped with the subscribers’ monthly package.
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What if I Forgot to Select my Outfit?

Don’t worry if you forget to log-in and select a new doll outfit for next month. JJ’s Originals creates and selects a minimum of three new ensembles [as the outfit of the month] for each service level. Complete ensembles are NEVER recycled, therefore, there is no chance of receiving a duplicate outfit if you forget to select your outfit of the month for the next cycle.

JJ’s Originals selects one (1) ensemble for each service level to be the official outfit of the month. Should anyone not select a new ensemble, the pre-determined outfit of the month will be sent in place of your selection.
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What’s included with each package?

JJ’s Subscription Services, for doll clothing, offers three subscription levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Bronze – The Bronze Subscription Service package is our entry level service package. It includes a two-piece outfit, in any combination, chosen from the available outfit(s) of the month. Pieces can only be selected from one outfit at a time. Select your outfit to include a top and bottom, or just accessorize with the shoes and a bag; the choice is yours.

Silver – The Silver Subscription Service package is our mid-level service package. It includes a three-piece outfit, in any combination, chosen from the available outfit(s) of the month. Items can be selected from one outfit at a time. Accessorize your doll outfit with shoes, a jacket, a headband and more.

Gold –  The Gold Subscription Service package is our premium service package.  This service level includes a 4-6 piece outfit chosen from the available outfit(s) of the month.  Simply select your desired outfit and received an entire look, including accessorizes, for your doll friend.
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JJ’s Subscription Services can be cancelled at any time. A cancellation request is required by the last day of the month prior to the next service package being processed. Any cancellation requests received after the end of the month will be processed for the following month.

Ex: If a cancellation request is received June 1st, June’s service package will be fulfilled. The cancellation request will be processed for July; no additional orders will be processed after June.
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Gift Option

JJ’s Subscription Service packages can be purchased as a monthly gift for a loved one. Simply provide the recipients shipping address and your loved one will receive your monthly gift. Items can be sent anonymously or with a special note.
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JJ’s Originals makes every effort to provide complete, accurate and expedient customer service. Even with this, we understand that at times things happen. As such, requests for refunds are reviewed and granted on an individual basis. Should you have any questions regarding an order, the best way to contact us is via email.  Go to the Top 
Doll Size

JJ’s Originals creates clothing, costumes and accessories for all dolls, action figures and any special toy friend. If you are unsure of your doll size, we have created a handy Doll Size Guide, to assist in finding the perfect fit for your doll friend.  On the doll size guide, you can find generic names for common brands as well as a key for our sizing chart.

Should you need additional help determining your doll friends clothing size, email us and include your doll brand name, product number, if available and store the item was purchased. If you’re not sure of any of this information, send us a picture of your doll or stuffed animal friend, and we would be glad to help you find your dolls perfect fit!
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JJ’s Subscription Service packages are shipped via 2-4  delivery. Costs for shipping is included in the monthly subscription fee. Express or expedited shipping is not available at this time.

If additional items are purchased at the time of the subscription, additional shipping costs may be incurred. Please review your order at checkout. Additional doll clothing or accessories purchased with the Subscription Service package will be shipped together.
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Upgrade/Downgrade Service Levels

Subscriptions Service packages can be upgraded and or downgraded at anytime. Changes to your subscription service package can be completed by signing into your account and updating your subscription service package selection. This change must be completed by the last day of the month prior to the next month’s subscription fulfillment

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